Elsewhere: Honoring Steve Jobs, Immigration Crackdown, Hipster Sports Fans

There are plenty of Steve Jobs-related pieces floating around the web, including one of my own. But I think that John Gruber’s is my favorite.

Calvin Seminary has recently started a fascinating series of articles on religion and science titled “What I Wish My Pastor Knew…”.

The New York Times recently explained why you really, truly love your iPhone. However, neuroscientist Tal Yarkoni calls foul on the piece and explains why it’s all bunk.

PopMatters looks at Andrei Tarkovsky (one of my favorite filmmakers), and his final film, The Sacrifice.

The New York Times covered my home town this week in a story about the many Hispanics who are leaving our community due to new legislation on immigration.

Here are 10 Ways Steve Jobs Changed the World.

Mariano Rivera: The Believer.

Get Religion has posted a response to The Guardian’s article on the Rise of Atheism in America.

Michael Gerson says Mitt Romney’s Mormonism shouldn’t matter.

These dinosaurs tracks discovered in Arkansas recently awaken my inner 12-year-old.

I was encouraged by this article presenting some healthy thinking that almost argues “evolution vs. atheism” (!). Table-turning is always sweet.

The college pastor of a church I attended while a student wrote this great article called “Five Common Mistakes College Students Make”.  If you are a current Christian collegian, these are excellent thoughts.

Is Steven Spielberg going to direct a Moses epic?

Wait, what?!?! He’s Luke’s father??!!

Gregory Wolfe on literary creation and the operation of grace.

Don Quixote, Stephen Colbert, and the Reality of Fiction

A touching story from The Onion: Area Man fights inspiring battle against the dehumanizing forces of modernity.

How the Brooklyn Nets can reach the burgeoning hipster crowd (hint: trade for Steve Nash!).

Pastor Timothy Keller offers three rules for Gospel-centered polemics.

Lutheran sociologist Peter Berger describes neo-Marxist-Enlightenment-radical-intellectual Jurgen Habermas’s shifting views of Christianity through the years.

Andy Crouch on how Courageous might indirectly help young Christian kidsget the secular-sacred dichotomy knocked out of them at an early age.

Ken Myers on classical music and why not all cultural products are created equal.
Dick Staub says that Jesus loves the little Palestinian children, too.

Reel Spirituality says that “the viewer gives Drive its soul as he or she enters the theater and enters into the story. Drive is simply drive. The viewer decides where he or she is ultimately taken.”

Fox is adaptating The Magicians as a TV show. Not involving Rob Bell.

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  • @Carissa – Can they show copious nudity and brickloads of obscenity on network television now? If not, it’s not The Magicians they’re adapting. :P