Podcast #103: Overthinking Occupy Wall Street

Podcast #103: Overthinking Occupy Wall Street

This week, associate editor Ben Bartlett and editor-in-chief Richard Clark get together to discuss the nature of Occupy Wall Street. They give the movement a fair shake, talking about its intentions, the reasoning behind the methods, and of course, the human microphone. They also talk more generally about Christians and protest, leading up to Ben sharing his top five protests he wouldn’t mind taking part in.

Every week, various Christ and Pop Culture writers delve deeper into recent articles and address some of the bigger issues in popular culture.

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About Richard Clark

Richard H. Clark is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of Christ and Pop Culture. He has a Master of Arts in Theology and the Arts from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. He lives in Louisville, Ky. He is also the managing editor of Gamechurch and a freelance writer for Unwinnable, Paste, and other outlets.
E-mail: clarkrichardh [at] gmail [dot] com.
Twitter: @deadyetliving

  • http://www.christandpopculture.com/ Richard Clark

    OH MAN I left like a whole minute and a half of bloopers in the beginning! Dangit! Oh well enjoy me looking dumb.

  • http://goodokbad.com/ Seth T. Hahne

    Actually, I loved that part.

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