Sermon Form Class – 1 of 8

One Major Improvement in Preaching Will Make All the Difference There is one thing, that if preachers would learn to do, it would vastly improve their preaching. Assume for a moment that you have something important to say. You can take that Word and preach a sermon that wanders about until it dribbles off the front [Read More…]

Standing on Truth?

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The Dance: Looking Towards a Life Well Lived

I continue to work through the implications of a text that uses the word agape to translate “love,” while describing the phenomena of eros, the evolutionary impulse, the gentle persuasion towards love. I have become more and more convinced that it is the dance of eros and agape that bring forth the next beautiful moment [Read More…]

Dear Dear Donald

He’s having such a hard time with this Presbyterian thing I thought I’d try to give him some help. [Read more…]

Social Synapse

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To God Be the Glory, Mmmm . . .

Not the best, not the worst . . . To God Be the Glory Rendition [Read more…]

Species Specific Shenanigans

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Danger, Scapegoating Alive and Well

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It’s to Be Expected

I wonder what Paul’s opposition thought about this passage. A bit defensive maybe? People have a way of going after our weakness  when they don’t like what we’re doing. [Read more…]

Love in Exile

I’m hoping to avoid crossing a line here. I don’t want to use this “pulpit” to defend myself, or in this case, a friend. (Happy to do that in a different forum, just not in these sermons.) But I do think we all need to be open to the possibility that when the flavor of our [Read More…]