Bryan Fischer: Blame Darwin, Liberals, Gays for Aurora Shooting

Bryan Fischer

It’s common for pundits and media talking heads to use things like the tragic killing in Aurora, Colorado to buttress or even advance their agenda. Gun control advocates point to the reckless distribution of firearms, while moral conservatives blame the loosening of moral strictures in our culture. But thus far, talk show host Bryan Fischer has taken that to the furthest extremes I’ve witnessed.

Click here, found on the Raw Story website, for exactly what Fischer proposes is to blame for the Aurora tragedy, but I’ll do my best to summarize. He begins by pointing to some fire that Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren came under for a tweet he sent out recently. On Friday, later in the day, following the shooting, he sent out a message, saying, “When students are taught they are no different from animals, they act like it.”

Understandably many were incensed by this in light of the killing, but according to Fischer, Warren was responding to concerns about sexual immorality in the culture, and specifically he was reacting to a parent’s letter sent to him after the man’s child met with a teacher at school. According to the letter, the teacher informed the student that sex with multiple partners was merely a human moral construct and was totally natural.

And then there’s Rick Warren’s tweet. Call him a victim of horrible timing, at the least. It was certainly insensitive, if nothing else, but we’ll give ihm the benefit of the doubt and assume he wasn’t talking about Aurora.

Basically, Fischer’s argument comes down to this. We teach kids in school that they’ve evolved from monkeys, and that survival of the fittest (or natural)

Rick Warren

selection celebrates the triumph of the strong over the weak. Combine this with loosened sexual teen morality (as evidenced by the teacher in the letter sent to Rick Warren) and the public celebration of homosexuality, and you have fertile grounds for animal-like behavior, such as that involving shooter James Holmes.

Oh yes, the gay part. Fischer commented about some website (which he does not name) that supposedly was set up in conjunction with the London Summer Olympics to allow gays to  engage in “random, frequent, anonymous” sex, which he calls “one of the characteristics of the homosexual community. It always has been; it always will be.”

So in his estimation, because of our sexual moral decay (as supported by the classroom and Olympic illustrations) and his consistent and ongoing attack on the virtues of evolution, James Holmes killed more than a dozen people in a suburban movie theater in Colorado.

Though he concedes that Rick Warren’s Twitter message was not in response to the killings, he seems to want to attribute the same comments to the situation. Basically, the reason James Holmes went on a mass killing spree was because we’ve been taught that we’re animals, and that it’s permissible to act as such.

Shocking as this may seem in the context of the recent killings, this type of argument, sadly, is not new. We seem to revel in exploiting the most recent catastrophe to pull our favorite straw man out of the closet, dust it off and start pounding away at it with fervor.

If anything points to our base animal nature, this certainly seems to.

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  • Riiight…because there aren’t any websites that encourage heteros to engage in “random, frequent, anonymous sex”? 

  • *sigh* I am a big supporter of the NRA. I’m already tensing
    up, not only because of the inevitable battering of the rights to own a gun,
    but the bickering back that if someone in the audience had a gun, they could
    have stopped this person.  Both these arguments
    are pointless.

    Guess what – there are evil people in the world.
    I use the “evil” word specifically. They are going to do horrible things with a
    gun, an airplane, or a pointed stick. The authorities and media will need to
    dissect this guy – what he ate for lunch, how many hugs he got last Tuesday.
    They won’t be able to accept that there is a force of destruction out there:

    • tarl_hutch

      Guns are an easy scapegoat. People want something to blame and it is easier to blame the tool than try to understand the motives. Maybe certain gun laws should be examined, but banning weapons will not stop evil men. Once again, a little logic goes a long way. We must deal with the evil in the souls of men, not try to use the band aid of banning their tools. As you know, most gun owners are good responsible people, not murderers. You are right that they will find ways to harm others regardless of what restrictions are imposed. We should be allowed to protect ourselves, but more importantly focus on dealing with the problem of evil and sin in the world. Obviously, this is accomplished through Jesus, not regulation and passing new laws. This is a simple explanation, but no one wants to read as much as it would take.

  • Why is there no limit to the right of individuals to bear arms?  It’s like asking people to control their purchase of Sudafed and other over-the counter cold medications so that an individual can’t get enough pseudophedrine to cook up dangerous methamphetamines.  The Aurora shooter was able to stock up on an arsenal of automatic weapons that could fire off multiple rounds without reloading, and he had 6,000 bullets as well, and all without a background check!  When I use my credit card for a purchase in an unfamiliar locale or for more than my usual amount, I get a phone call from my bank’s security department.  Where were the checks and balances in this case.   I believe that one can be armed for self-defense, but this was a case of overkill.

    • I understand your concern, but does this really need to be point of the discussion? If he had 12 bullets, he could kill 12 people. If he had a fistfull of sparklers and some PVC pipe, he could have done similar tremendous damage.

      This is the argument that the media and the politicians want to stoke up.  We need to recognize evil, be alert to it in all of its forms; and not just some guy with a gun, but people who are isolated, rejected, thrown away.

      We need to find out what was wrong with this guy – not what was wrong with some background check system. You cannot legislate evil away. If it worked like that, it would have been done a long time ago.

    • Aren’t automatic guns already illegal? Criminals can always get what they want, laws be damned.

  • it’s too bad that this type of thinking isn’t considered ‘fringe.’  the idea that the moral decay in america is somehow linked to the gay community or teachings of evolution, and therefore must be condemned rather than dealing with the actual situation ought to be alarming.

    • tarl_hutch

      As you pointed out recently, fear is a secondary reaction to anger or shame, and for many this propels them to jump to outlandish conclusions just to have something to blame. If more people understood the psychology of evil, at least what we know so far, it would go a long way to ending these false ideas. There are many factors to consider, some biological and some behavioral, it is not because of the total actions of a completely unrelated group of people. The human heart holds great potential for evil, without a moral base, which could be a whole other argument, and proper psychiatric help some people will do bad things. If we would only take time to think and avoid knee jerk reactions. You are spot on here.

  • Chuckles

    This is totally wrong. Everyone knows that video games are to blame…

    • Christian Piatt

      Used to be Black Sabbath records.

  • We are animals, first of all, we’re mammals even if many people don’t accept that because it somehow “lowers” us (although, frankly, if more people accepted that, maybe we’d be kinder to animals and the earth)…but as more highly-evolved animals, you’d think we’d be able to control our “baser instincts.”

    Also, the anti-evolution people never get it. We’re not evolved FROM monkeys, or even apes…we share a common ancestor with them. If we had evolved FROM them, they would no long exist.

    (You got me. I’m a biology nerd.)

  • Drew Sumrall

    Fischer here attempts to make the argument [in part] that teens have illicit sex to conceive as many children as possible to collect welfare–possible in some cases, unlikely in most. It is much more true [and most would agree I think] that humans have sex for pleasure over and above reproduction [at least in most cases]. In this way, humans are not behaving like animals [in having sex for pleasure], rather they are behaving like humans [animals don’t have sex for pleasure–they have sex to reproduce]. Thus, when Fischer claims teens are behaving ‘like animals’ while having illicit sex with multiple partners [as Fischer does here], the argument falls flat.

    The business about evolution in schools being connected with the Aurora shooting is only the topping on an already stupid rant.  

  • Think before you pundit

    Mr. Fischer is clearly correct and using sound logic.  I remember reading in Genesis how Cain killed Abel because Adam and Eve taught Cain that he evolved from a monkey!!