New “Hellbound?” Movie Challenges the Prospect of Hell

Apologies folks, but the review has been pulled for the moment. To be released in its entirety closer to the premier of the movie in September.

For now, please check out the trailer

Hellbound Trailer Theatrical Vimeo from Kevin Miller on Vimeo.

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  • Brian Reinholz

    The other POV you don’t list would be that hell is indeed real and is indeed torment, but is not necessarily eternal. Not sure if you can make much of a biblical case for this, I haven’t really studied the root word(s) translated as ‘eternal.’

    I’m interested to check this out! Seems to me like you’d be hard-pressed to make a strong biblical case for universalism, though.

    In any event, I’m sure we can all agree that hell is an important subject and while we may not have enough information to cast an unequivocal stance on it, we should be well-informed because it’s undoubtedly something that non-Christians and Christians alike have questions about.

    • Melodyam75

      The word that is often translated into the word eternal is a word that usually means “for an age” which indicates for a duration of time, but not forever.  Early translators chose to use the work eternal in most instances because they already had preconceived ideas about the nature of hell.

      • Shane

        Actually, that’s incorrect. The word used is aiōnios
        1) without beginning and end, that which always has been and always will be
        2) without beginning
        3) without end, never to cease, everlasting
        Matt 25:46

  • nwthinker

    What if God in his mercy chose to shield those who “hate” him from his presence. Then “not in the presence of God” = Hell. Sort of like a child sulking in a corner. 

  • Lyn

    Thanks, Christian.  I’ve been waiting for a movie like this!  I read Rob Bell’s “Love Wins.”  Very interesting. 

  • Chasjeanw

    I saw Blue Like Jazz in Colorado Springs based on your recommendation.  Well done film that showed for one day and I drove 40 miles to see.  Hellbound is so far booked in 5 cities in this country.  I’m curious about DVD distribution on small movies like this.  Does it make sense, or does it kill the theater market?

    • Christian Piatt

      I’m sure it will come out on DVD after it has whatever theater run it can muster.