Steve Taylor, Blue Like Jazz, Christian Cliches and Frankenstorm

Steve Taylor, film director and rock hero, visits the show to talk with Christian Piatt and Jordan Green about the disappointing theater run of Blue Like Jazz, what made him leave music for film, and to announce his return to music through a new album he’s been working on. So, yeah, that’s a big deal. And yeah, we’re pretty much breaking the story.

In the Echo Chamber, we talk about the election, Superstorm Sandy, scary movie commercials, and, you know, a bunch of other stuff. Finally, we discuss some common Christian cliches.

(NOTE: This episode was recorded on Halloween, but the screeches you’ll hear throughout are not a ghost. They are Jordan’s daughter, Lana, who refused to nap.)


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  • BrendtWayneWaters

    Breaking? Eh, not so much. In Dec 2010, when it appeared that BLJ was financially dead, Taylor promised (on Facebook) new music in 2011. Then Kickstarter happened and the music was shelved. Then it was also mentioned in this article from April:

    • Christian Piatt

      oh, don’t be such a party pooper. We want to revel in the illusion of relevance for a minute.

      • BrendtWayneWaters

        You scored Steve — that’s plenty of relevance for anyone. :)