Church Sign Epic Fails, “In-Your-End-O” Edition

Sometimes words fail. Especially on church signs!

There’s a shot for that.

Longest wins no offering for a year!

Yeah, cause breathing on mud and magic apples is more fathomable.

How many wrecks has this goof caused?

I always like games and a snack while learning how to sell my body for money.

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  • jrieves

    “Whorship”? Isn’t that what got the Israelites in trouble? But, ya gotta admit, it would fill the pews. In more ways than one.

    • Marc Mielke

      Maybe the cult of Ishtar has had a resurgence? One could always hope.

  • Michael Mock

    Re: Big Bang Theory – maybe God just doesn’t like Geek humor?

    • JarredH

      Figures you’d beat me to that joke. ;)

    • The_L1985

      God didn’t like the latest episode, apparently.

  • Gabriel Pfefer

    Wonder where they find the VBS curriculum for that last one?