Church Sign Epic Fails, “Beefy Jesus” Edition

I once challenged Jesus to an arm wrestling match. Jesus had me at first, until I did that Stallone “Over the Top” thing. Then he was toast!

I KNEW Jesus was juicing. Now we have proof.
Humility in church is one thing; these guys have a self esteem issue.
Seems here the separation between church and state is about…oh, four feet.
Definitely the way to change skeptics’ attitudes about Christians.
Nothing says “vibrant church” like a years-old neglected church sign.
Okay, enough the the steroid Jesus already!
This sign proudly brought to you by someone over 70 feebly attempting to be culturally relevant.
"Unfortunately I don't. I apologize."

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God, Gays, Autism and Embodiment
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  • Lee Harmon

    The “church and state” picture is a howler!

  • LoneWolf343

    I wonder how much steriods you have to take to come back from the dead.

  • Ruth Shaver

    Sadly, the “iPad? iPod? Try iPrayed!” sign has gained traction. I’ve seen it in our area just this week.