Church Sign Epic Fails, “God’s Flatulence” Edition

I was watching the game with God, and he says, “Dude, pull my finger.” Umm, yeah. Not falling for that one again, God…

Pretty sure it’s the beans, God.

Once again, a case for punctuation. Unless this church sign is brought to you by the Prince of Darkness. Then we’re totally cool.

This sign is actually serious. A guy sued the church after getting hurt during a charismatic service.

Yep, and man, can that baby Jesus starfish all over the place in that manger!

Although I’m guessing folks don’t also use Jesus on the black market to trade for meth…so yeah, not EXACTLY like Tide soap…

I think this is some freaky mutant of a model and a noodle….Maybe that’s why they call it “Top” Ramen?

Pretty sure they mean “upload,” but…yeah.


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