Creepy Sexy Babies, Doing Death Right and Fresh Hop Beer

Miley-Cyrus-TeddyFirst, we want to welcome the inimitable Andy Campbell, who is sitting in for Jordan Green while he attends to family matters. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Green family during this difficult time.

We cover a lot of ground in this edition of the culture cast. In the echo chamber, we let Amy vent about her pick for the Nobel Peace Prize this year being passed over. Geez, Amy, keep it in perspective. It’s not like it’s the Oscars or something.

We also talk about a new medically-based project launched by Google, called Calico, which endeavors to figure out the whole “death thing.” We try to figure out why it is that our culture seems to do death so poorly, and how Christianity actually has an opportunity to do something better than Google for once.

In recommendations, we pine over the seasonal fantasticalness that is fresh hop beer. And then a conversation that begins by comparing Sinead O’Connor’s head shaving to a similar stunt by Miley Cyrus leads us into a rich and interesting conversation about human sexuality, body image and power.

So there you have it: beer, pop culture, sex, theology and technology. What more could you possibly ask for? On second thought, don’t answer that because this is all you get…and you’ll like it!

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