A Live Podcast Explosion from Columbus Ohio

11751429_940540946009150_8625055740629388282_n-300x300Come see Wm. Paul Young LIVE as part of the upcoming Homebrewed CultureCast show at Marmoset Music in Portland, OR August 13th. Get your tickets HERE while they’re still available.

Prepare yourself for an audiological explosion of monumental proportions. This is the first night of HBC\CultureCast excitement at the Disciples of Christ General Assembly in Columbus Ohio. In the podcast Christian, Amy and Tripp Fuller are joined by the one and only Rev. Dr. Sharon E. Watkins,Sarah Lund, Rick Lowery and music by Populis.

This podcast was sponsored by Phillips Theological Seminary. Josh Linton was in the house for Phillips and got everyone their first two drinks. Can you imagine a cooler place to go to school? Make sure you check them out and holla at Josh with any questions.

It was also sponsored by the Disciples Youth Ministry Network.

Sarah’s new book Blessed Are the Crazy: Breaking the Silence about Mental Illness, Family and Church.

Make sure you check out Populis’ new EP. It will make your booty scoot.


Listen to the episode HERE

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