LIVE in L.A. from Homebrewed Theology Beer Camp

What happens when Christian and Amy head to a theology camp with three days of open kegs and about a dozen other podcasters? Well let’s find out, shall we?

Thanks to Tripp Fuller for having us as part of his first-ever Theology Beer camp at the Hatchery Campus in Redondo Beach, CA recently to do our show live with a rotating tap of special guests. Here’s a list of who call joined us for different segments:

Echo Chamber: Talking Trump on Inauguration Day with Nathan Gilmour (Christian Humanist Podcast)

Fear of the Week/Au Contraire Mon FrereJason MichelliTeer Hardy (Crackers and Grape Juice Podcast)

Special Segment: Dan Koch, (Depolarize Podcast)

Recommendations: Ryan MillerJanel Apps Ramsey (Brew Theology)

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