Choosing Faith Over Fear

The following is an excerpt from the latest Christopher News Note, entitled “Choosing Faith Over Fear:”

When it comes to fear, we are all experts. Although some people may manage it better than others, no one is immune to the difficult and potentially debilitating emotions fear can stir up when we are confronted with dangers and worries, whether real or imagined.

Every time life hands us something new or difficult or just plain scary, fear seems to be waiting in the wings, ready to pounce on our serenity. Try as we might to ward it off on our own, there really is only one thing that can keep us from cowering in the darkness when we should be dancing in the light, and that is faith in God.

We’ve all seen that kind of fear-defying faith in action, perhaps without even recognizing it. It’s the relative who goes through a devastating personal loss but believes without hesitation that God’s plan is unfolding as it should. It’s the coworker who leaves behind the security of a full-time job to start the business of his dreams. It’s anyone who gets up in the morning and stares down the challenges of another day with trust that God is in control.

These brave souls, the ones who banish fear and live by faith, have managed to hear the whisper of the Spirit above the din of the world. They have taken the words of Scripture to heart: “Do not be afraid.”

So often, we are more focused on our fears about what we do not want to happen than on considering what we would like to happen with God’s help. Faith and a positive attitude are healthier for our bodies, more encouraging for those around us, and even more productive. Plus, a still mind can more easily receive God’s inspirations of what to do next. If we have faith in these possibilities—even if it’s faith as small as a “mustard seed”—the most challenging circumstances can turn around if it’s part of God’s will. With God, all things are possible.

“Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself…” —Matthew 6:34

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