VIDEO: Father Jonathan Morris & the Beggar Who Hit the Jesus Lottery

In this week’s video from Father Jonathan Morris, he offers a reflection on the patience of God using a personal example of an encounter he had with a homeless man asking for money for food.

It’s an encounter that requires Father Jonathan to display an unexpected level of trust in the homeless man who approached him – and, by extension, an unexpected level of trust in God.

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After graduating from St. John's University in New York with degrees in Communications and English, Tony Rossi found a job at the Catholic media organization, The Christophers, that allowed him to indulge his interest in religion, media, and pop culture. He served as The Christophers' TV producer for 11 years, and is currently the host and producer of the organization's radio show/podcast Christopher Closeup, writer and editor of their syndicated Light One Candle column, and producer/scriptwriter of the annual Christopher Awards ceremony.