In today’s Hollywood Reporter, director Martin Scorsese is asked if he anticipated the controversy that surrounded The Last Temptation of Christ.

Scorsese: No, I didn’t expect that. I knew there would be some people who would be upset, but this was a theme we discussed very often in high school – the idea of Jesus being fully human, and what does that mean? If he was only divine, then Jesus’ dying on the cross and getting past any sexual temptation is no problem. But if he is a man, than he suffers, he makes mistakes, he is tempted…”

Wait a minute! Suffering, yes. Temptation, yes. Mistakes, NO! These three are fundamentally different, despite Scorses’s uniting them in a convenient triplet. Mistakes would not be something the Godman could do.

Oh, why can’t Hollywood people just stick to politics?!

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