New Article from Barb on Euthanasia

Here is a new piece I wrote for my friends at Crisis Magazine about the coming battle for euthanasia. Please click on the link, and send it on to other friends. This issue is critically important, and, as always, our side is staring off into the sunset missing the massing of the opposition.

“The evidence is undeniable: Somewhere in the middle of the Terri Schiavo tragedy, Hollywood and the cultural left climbed aboard the latest human-killing bandwagon and have since thrown the weight of their talent and creativity behind it. As with abortion, the forces of darkness are outmaneuvering the forces of good on what will certainly be the moral issue of the 21st century.

If we lose the fight on euthanasia, we lose our souls. By removing suffering and the meaning of suffering from our culture, we make the final step in denying and defying our creature-hood. Once again, the seductive lie of Eden will trip us up: “If you will do this thing, you shall be like God.””

  • Ted Seeber

    I disagree. Terri Schiavo was a year late, even in the beginning. There were plenty of Hollywood types in Oregon back in 1997 arguing for the Death With Dignity Act, a good year *before* Terri’s husband decided to kill her by starvation and sue for the right to do so.

    And a good 20 years before that, I was already hearing about the battle over this in England and The Netherlands, though back then the real debate surrounded lethal overdoses of painkillers (because they did not know any better methods- though as a Catholic Oregonian, I don’t see what’s so dignified about choking down 9 grams of horse pills).

    • barbaranicolosi

      Thanks, Ted. My point wasn’t that there have never been people in Hollywood who support euthanasia, but rather that since the Terri Schiavo starvation, opinion in Hollywood has coalesced in favor of euthanasia. As one actor said in my hearing, “If those prolife people are against it, I am for it.” Cheers -