How ‘the Language of Rights’ Has Made Everything Crazy

Student: Why did you take points off here?
Me: Because ‘riffles’ isn’t a word.
Student: Not yet. I made it up.
Me: There are innate problems in individuals making up their own words.
Student: I think everyone has a right to make up their own words.
Me: Femka.
Student: Huh?
Me: That’s my word for your grade.
Student: I’m being serious here.
Me: Kwerb.

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  • Manny

    ROTFLOL! Language is communicative. One can make up a word, but it has to be accepted by a good size number of people.

  • Eric

    Haha! “Femka”. I think this post is shobeldywonking blourafin! Blurg fup aloge Finnegan’s Wake% (Do we have the right to make up our own punctuation too?)

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Verbing weirds language.

  • Regina_Caledonia

    I wonder how many times your student was allowed to make up his own words during his grammar and high school years (using ‘texting’ language in tests and homework papers comes to mind as an example.)

  • Andrew G.

    … since when was “riffles” not a word?

  • Adolfo

    Shakespeare made up words.

    • brnicolosi

      Ok. So, any writer as good as Shakespeare also can make up words. Everybody else, not so much.