44 MINUTES ON FX One of our Act One faculty members, author and screenwriter James Scott Bell, sent me the following heads-up about a docudrama that aired recently on the FX channel. They will certainly air it many more times so keep an eye out for it. Don’t know if anyone saw the FX movie [Read More…]


“NUNC DIMITIS…” His serene astuteness, Mark Shea, King of all Blogdom, has written a great article on blogging which you can copy to all your friends and family who still don’t know what a blog is. I meet these people all the time and find myself looking at them in shocked consternation. “How can you [Read More…]


BE NOT AFRAID! The talk I gave in NYC is one that has been taking shape for several years. I got the idea for it from the following quote from Pope John Paul II, from his address for World Communications Day in 2001: As much as the world of the media may at times seem [Read More…]


DEBTS OF GRATITUDE Thanks to everyone who made the Chicago and Washington events such a success these last two weeks. Special thanks to Chicago Alumn Maureen O’Grady for hosting our Windy City Reunion evening. During my adventures, I taped a show at Telecare, the TV station operated by the Archdiocese of Long Island. Thanks to [Read More…]


BRIDESHEAD REVISITED REVISITED AND RECONSTITUTED Rats. My all time favorite book is about to be desecrated. This from British entertainment columnist Melanie Reid. A snippet… Oh dear. ‘Tis true. We must all give a languid sigh, clutch our teddy bears closer to our hearts, and prepare to see fond memory debased. Poor old Brideshead Revisited [Read More…]


NOTHING ELSE REALLY MATTERS… (From AOL Sports Page) “New York has dropped 10 of 11 at Yankee Stadium for just the second time in franchise history and lost 10 of 13 overall to fall 1 1/2 games behind Boston in the AL East.” [Read more…]


SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION I am tromping back and forth across America again in these next two weeks, trolling for funds, students, promotional opportunities and basically kindred spirits to affirm and support what we are trying to do in Hollywood. I’ll be giving a talk in NYC on Monday, June 2 that will be open to the [Read More…]


MORE BRUCE, GOD AND TOM One of our Act One alumns, Dan Ewald has a good interview article with Tom Shadyac over on CCM. It basically fills in a bit more of Tom’s theology and personal journey. Here’s a snip: Some people are surprised when they learn that the director of such outrageous and bawdy [Read More…]


WHAT IF SHAKESPEARE WROTE THE HOKEY POKEY? (Someone emailed me this without any attribution to the author. As a fellow writer, I am loathe to post anything without giving credit where it is due. But it is so funny I wanted to copy it here to class up my archives. If anyone out there knows [Read More…]


THAT THEY MAY ALL BE….US? Someone posted a comment below that has raised an issue that comes up pretty much daily for me. I am a Catholic who runs a determinedly interdenominational program, Act One. All of us who are part of the program take hits from the conservative wings of both the Catholic and [Read More…]