ON BEING “SCANDALIZED” #675 What Soft – Cherubic Creatures – These Gentlewomen are – One would as soon assault a Plush – Or violate a star – Such Dimity Convictions – A Horror so refined Of freckled Human Nature – Of Deity – Ashamed – It’s such a common Glory – A Fisherman’s Degree – [Read More…]


UNDERMINING OURSELVES I admit it. I used to be a bit obsessive about Ayn Rand. It was in the first years of the Clinton presidency, and somebody pointed out to me how Clinton’s class-warfare speeches had been ominously anticipated in Rand’s novels. So, I read everything she ever wrote with eagerness. As I went on, [Read More…]


DARE TO BREAK FREE OF THE MATRIX RELOADED FADE IN EXT – AN URBAN CINEPLEX – NIGHT A MOVIEGOER (in the prime demographic, male 18-35) stumbles out of the theater door and into the street. He approaches a park bench where a WARNER BROS MARKETING EXECUTIVE wearing a black trenchcoat and dark sunglasses counts a [Read More…]


“DAUGHTER OF GOD, ON, ON, ON! I WILL HELP YOU, ON!” (God to Joan of Arc) Great news! CBS has picked up the new show, Joan of Arcadia from recent Catholic convert Barbara Hall (Judging Amy). Barbara happens to be the sister of Karen “Disordered Affections” Hall who will be show-running Judging Amy this coming [Read More…]


“ONLY FOOLS ARE SCANDALIZED.” (Mother Paula Cordero, fsp) The much-esteemed and always compellingly lucid Amy Welborn has a very thoughtful consideration on her blog today about the problem of representing sin in entertainment. How do you realistically show bad choices — the primordial stuff of drama — without promoting those bad choices? She uses the [Read More…]


HOLY WIND VS. WIND BAG I guess this story is a few years old but it’s great. I found mention of it on Touchstone’s blog Mere Comments. You can find the whole story on the Catholic World News website here. Here’s the good part. That evening Pope John Paul II attended a much-publicized concert by– [Read More…]


ALL ACT ONE, ALL THE TIME Here is the transcript of an interview with Zena Dell Schroeder, the Associate Director of Act One, for Radio National of Australia. We get a lot of inquiries from Down Under and have been approached to do Act One-Sidney at some point. “Here I am, Mate. Send me.” Here’s [Read More…]


X2:IT IS WHAT IT IS The first two decades of cinema history are very often referred to as “the cinema of attractions.” The artform was brand new, and before filmmakers figured out that it could be used to tell stories, much of its raison d’etre was in simply showing audiences filmed visions that they had [Read More…]


MORE ON ACT ONE IN WASHINGTON I met Mark Pattison from Catholic News Service at the Bruce Almighty junket. He had heard about the Washington trip and pulled out a tape recorder to ask me a few questions. Let me just say, this was the day after flying back and I was reallllllllllllly tired. The [Read More…]


BRUCE ALMIGHTY: HIGH THEOLOGY FOR THE VIEWERS OF JACK ASS I’m going to give a thumbs-up to Tom Shadyac’s new film Bruce Almighty. It seems to me to be a sneaky, highly skilled attempt to awaken some spiritual longing in the theater-going masses. I’m not somebody who enjoys crass humor, and so I squirmed through [Read More…]