EVERWOOD – THE DIFF BETWEEN A GREAT SHOW AND A “WORLD OF POTENTIAL” I became aware of the WB’s Everwood because so many of my twenty-something students really like it. I have heard that it is a great show that is also on the right side most often of what a healthy and holy human [Read More…]


I’M IMPRESSED The highlight of my week in Washington was not the lunch at the White House, or the meetings with various politicos, or even becoming one of the elite group of people who can claim to have been featured on “Theology on Tap.” Although, all of those things were great. My personal highlight ended [Read More…]


“INFLUENCE MEETS POWER” So, our little delegation of Hollywood Christians has just returned from a week in Washington, DC – and what a week it was. I have no doubt that it will go down as a benchmark moment for each of us, and for Act One, the program which connects us all. We met [Read More…]


CATHOLICS, RCIA, AND HOLLYWOOD My friend sent me this article which she lifted off the Catholic News Service wire. I couldn’t find it on line, so I am printing the whole thing here. So much for keeping our little “the Entertainment industry IS my parish” RCIA program under the radar…. HOLLYWOOD May-2-2003 Family Theater aims [Read More…]


DAVID SCHALL, RIP Last night, my friend and co-worker, David Schall, died unexpectedly. David was the principle visionary behind some of the most effective ministries for Christians working in the entertainment industry. Here follows a message written by our Board Chairman, Mac Heald, about David’s passing. Last night, we lost one of our best and, [Read More…]


“HOW TO PROTEST RIGHT WHEN HOLLYWOOD GETS IT WRONG” Today, Catholic Exchange is featuring an article I wrote for Liguorian. It is basically my response to the feeling of helplessness that I encounter in many good people as regards having any real impact in the popular culture. Check it out here. [Read more…]


INSIDE TELEVISION: INTERVIEW WITH DEAN BATALI Here I am writing from the Great Smoky Mountains….which basically means the clammy, cold and incredibly foggy mountains. The people are lovely, though. And they tell me when the fog ever lifts, the mountains are real nice…. There is a great interview at The Voice Behind with Act One [Read More…]


PAUSE FOR STATION IDENTIFICATION… I will be spending most of the month of April wandering up and down the face of the earth preaching to the Church the gospel of cultural engagement, and looking for people to send money to Act One. I can’t imagine getting to see many movies or having much time to [Read More…]


HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL…. It’s Major League Baseball’s (and, oh, the National League too…) Opening Day. Major League News leads with the story: A reason for optimism in Boston: Red Sox have what it takes to challenge Yankees With the exception of the view from those Green Monster-top seats — Dramamine and soft drinks served at [Read More…]


REVIEW: HOLES I saw the new Disney film Holes last night. The film is directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive) and written by Louis Sachar based on his book. I’m kind of out of the loop of kids literature these days, but I understand from the production notes, that Holes was a huge hit in [Read More…]