Farewell, My Beautiful Eliza–A Lenten Lesson

God bless you, you beautiful little fur ball. I’ll miss you forever. [Read more…]

Busy Lives & Restless Souls: A Practical Approach to Ignatian Spirituality

To skeptics I would say this book is a timely and worthy introduction to the practices—an amuse bouche to whet the appetite.
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Do You Love Me? Feed My Sheep

Jesus was leading me through a similar process. Asking me, “Who do you love?” And helping me to discard all the “busy-ness” that was taking me away from Him. [Read more…]

Hopi Lessons: What Trump’s Election Says About All of Us

A couple of weeks ago, in a Facebook post, one of my Hopi in laws called Donald Trump a “tsuku.” It’s a Hopi word for “clown.”
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Can Morgan Freeman Give Us “Proof of God?” (Spoiler Alert)

God is not a thing out there in the universe that we look for. It’s the other way around. God is the reason there is a universe. [Read more…]

How Does Jesus Talk to You?

You let God fill your mind with whatever He wants. And you may not even know that He’s talking to you. You may not recognize a single thing from God in that moment. But throughout the day, He’s going to have other people talk to you. And it is going to blow you away. You’ll [Read More…]

My Religious Resolution: “If It Takes You Away from God, Let It Go”

Time and time again, He rejoiced in the faith shown by people who didn’t know who He was. Who weren’t supposed to be moved by anything, let alone a bedraggled, wandering Jew who asked them a lot of tough questions and told them stories they didn’t entirely understand. [Read more…]

“Where Angels Walk,” Stories of the Angels Among Us

Not long after her own son had been rescued from an almost certain death by a mysterious “stranger” on a bitterly cold Christmas Eve, Joan Wester Anderson placed a series of magazine ads asking for angel stories from which she later chose the cream of the crop. [Read more…]

Deepak Defines God, But That’s No Fun

Let me begin by saying that I was over Deepak Chopra decades ago. About the same time I outgrew Oprah. [Read more…]

Drop That Stone, Jesus is Testing You

And what amazes and saddens me most, as a new convert, is how angry some Catholics are about almost everything, but especially Pope Francis. [Read more…]