Commerce means shipping. That’s it. Read more

For anyone hoping to use Article V to rein in the power and jurisdiction of the federal government, that’s good news. Read more

The correct system was designed for us. We know that federalism would work. But we have let fear and lies rule the day. Read more

Even moderate tweaks to spending causes hysteria. Here’s why both parties are to blame. Read more

Libertarians are up for the fight to tame the federal leviathan and restore the Constitution to its original intent. Read more

Government should secure rights and punish evil. Individuals and families should meet needs. Read more

If the current generation wants stuff—we should pay for it today. Read more

Only legislators should make law. And we must vote those out who make bad laws. Read more

A new lawsuit being brought against the Obama administration by a former Navy sailor highlights once again the double standard employed by officials in Washington. Read more

The Convention of States Project, then, doesn’t seek to alter the principles in the Constitution. Rather, we’re hoping to restore those principles. Read more

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