Feds to Spend Nearly $200,000 Analyzing Tweets about E-Cigarettes

You ever feel like the taxes you pay just go all up in smoke? You might not be too far off. Read more

Conservative Surge Puts GOP in Control of States at 95-Year High

Here’s a map that will give you hope! Read more

Despite Big Promises, We Still Have Tax Reform Trouble

If Congress won’t ease the financial burden on this and future generations of Americans, We the People will do it for them. Read more

DeMint: It’s Time to Rein in a Bloated Government

It’s past time. Read more

Veterans Affairs Hospitals Now Have Wait-Lists for Doctors… Yes, Really

Want an example of government failure? Read more

Revenge of the Swamp: Former Advisors Hide Secret Anti-Trump Messages in Resignation Letters

The letters spelled “IMPEACH.” Read more

IRS Just Rehired 213 Employees Ousted for Falsifying Documents, Avoiding Taxes, Or Stealing

Really, what must an employee do to get fired these days? Read more

Republican Donor Sues the GOP Over their Broken Repeal/Replace Promise

We understand his frustration, but there’s a better way. Read more

How Ivanka’s ‘Paid Family Leave’ is Admirable but Unconstitutional

Any public official who seeks to “make America great again” must start with an allegiance to the operating manual – our Constitution – that was so essential to making it great to begin with. Read more

Okay, So We Admit It: Here’s ONE Downside to Article V

There’s a fundamental problem in Washington, according to Tom Coburn. Read more

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