Washington Has Its Hand On Your Throat – Here’s How to Shake That Hand Off

It’s a solution the Founders gave us. Read more

No, Liberals, the Government Should Not Regulate Sales of Cell Phones to Kids (Or, Why The Nanny-State Doesn’t Work)

Seeking to keep kids off smartphones by prohibiting smartphone sales to minors is like seeking to limit kids’ sugar intake by prohibiting candy sales to minors. Read more

Want to Really Help the Disadvantaged? Here’s the ‘Right’ Way to Do It

Don’t listen to liberals. Read more

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Has a Great Idea on What to Do If You’re Frustrated with the Federal Government

Don’t be dismayed. Watch this instead. Read more

Of Course Hillary’s Against A Nation-Wide Grassroots Movement that Will Dismantle Big Government

Who decides that policy: Washington, or the people? Read more

Feds to Spend Nearly $200,000 Analyzing Tweets about E-Cigarettes

You ever feel like the taxes you pay just go all up in smoke? You might not be too far off. Read more

Conservative Surge Puts GOP in Control of States at 95-Year High

Here’s a map that will give you hope! Read more

Despite Big Promises, We Still Have Tax Reform Trouble

If Congress won’t ease the financial burden on this and future generations of Americans, We the People will do it for them. Read more

DeMint: It’s Time to Rein in a Bloated Government

It’s past time. Read more

Veterans Affairs Hospitals Now Have Wait-Lists for Doctors… Yes, Really

Want an example of government failure? Read more

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