The grandmother’s actions may have saved countless lives and demonstrate the ability of the American people to step in and do the right thing. Read more

The Convention of States allows Americans, both liberal and conservative, to take back Washington from the political elite. Term limits, a balanced budget, giving states back their power, all would be possible without the interference of Congress or the President. Read more

Instead of following his advice, Mulvaney said Monday, Congress ‘pounded the hell out of me.’ Who’s to blame? Read more

The results showed that 67% of Republican and Independents want Kansas to call for a Convention of States to propose constitutional amendments that limit federal spending, limit federal power, and establish term limits for members of Congress and/or federal judges. Read more

Voters were asked about their initial reaction to a Convention of States, then polled separately on their views of congressional term limits, federal spending limits, and limiting federal power. After being confronted with these individual issues, voters were asked again about a Convention of States to propose amendments on those topics. Read more

Our federal officials consistently refuse to take responsibility for the billions they waste every year. Rather than cutting duplicative or useless federal programs, they try to raise taxes every time they want to pay for something new. Read more

We the people are the caretakers of the republic. Read more

I have trust in the states being responsible in ratifying only reasonable and responsible proposed amendments. Read more

Donald Trump is trying to drain the swamp, but this just happened. Read more

Okay, let’s stop this. Read more

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