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Recently an organization concluded their two-part series on Community Organizing. Thanksgiving weekend during the Muslim American Society Conference, in Long Beach, California.

For over 15 years, the #ILMfoundation is a provider of socialpreneurial programs. Established in 1998 for the Greater Los Angeles urban community. Founder Imam Saadiq Saafir has groomed and shared his vision with young men to become Social Preneurs. 

The mission of this faith-based organization is, “Teaching Life Skills, to Replace Social Ills.
Where they facilitate social service programs for youth sports mentoring, direct service in the Skid Row Community, and an after-school education program for middle school students, plus more

The #ILMfoundation internalizes Islamic text studies, seeking social justice strategies and then convert the concept into educational events. For the last 13 years their work has… transformed the way direct service is provided by the Muslim community, developed new leaders, and created social activity for volunteer activism. 

A recent research paper by Harvard University professors,
Samuel Kelley and Tim Glynn-Burke, coins the work of 16 year old #ILMfoundation as Social Innovation

“…. The new uses for these terms represent a fusion between business models and faith-based organizational structures …”

Social Innovation has a formula for transforming leadership for community action.The following points are of ILM’s Social Innovative presentation…










Their work have a proven track record of results and transformation, that is birthing new programs for education and awareness. Organize your community for the people’s best interest and next week it may be you, here on Every Thursday.

For more information on the #ILMfoundation, watch them here.

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