Forget the Cambrian Explosion—Here’s a SERIOUS Biodiversity Event

Intelligent Design advocates love the Cambrian Explosion. Yes, the Cambrian explosion was remarkable, but it’s not the evolution-destroying anomaly that Intelligent Design advocates want to believe. [Read more…]

Morality’s Ruby Slippers

Christianity makes a grand show of giving us morality, meaning, and purpose. But it simply gives us back what had always been ours. [Read more…]

Does Christianity Lead to a Better Society?

How often have we heard that a Christian society is a better society? But this is a claim that we can test. [Read more…]

Oral Tradition and the Game of Telephone: A. N. Sherwin-White’s Famous Quote

The Jesus story spread widely in the decades after his death, and only then was it written down. How much was it changed by the addition of legend? William Lane Craig assures us that this is not a problem, but his bold claim doesn’t hold up. [Read more…]

A Defense of Premarital Sex

The gulf between the ages of sexual maturity and first marriage has become dramatically wider. Combine that with that fact that the Bible has no prohibition against premarital sex, and the ban should be reevaluated. [Read more…]

Argument for God from Differential Equations

In which your humble host attempts to create a new argument for God. [Read more…]

You Know the Photo that Came with Your New Wallet? God Is Like That.

God is like the wallet photo of the smiling model. You could say that that’s your girlfriend . . . but that she never has time to come around. You could say that God does marvelous things . . . but always have an excuse when “God” never fulfills the commitments you make for him. [Read more…]

The World Will End Soon! Again! (2 of 2)

John Hagee’s “Four Blood Moons” claims to tap into cosmic truth, but it’s just more nonsense to sell books to gullible Christians. [Read more…]

Christians’ Secret Weapon Against Evolution (2 of 2)

Christian apologist Greg Koukl rejects evolution, and he gives three reasons why. He seems to think that weakness within science (and you can judge if he makes his case) means that his Christian argument wins by default. [Read more…]

Christians’ Secret Weapon Against Evolution (1 of 2)

Christian Creationists can’t win the scientific argument against evolution, so they advance their argument as best they can by going directly to ordinary citizens. Lacking the science, they fall back on something else. [Read more…]

The World Will End Soon! Again!

Predicting the end of the world is a popular pastime in some Christian circles. Pastor John Hagee is a master—let’s see what we can learn. [Read more…]

The Frustration of Arguing with Christians

Here’s a comparison that I think illustrates both the frustration of arguing with Christians and the backwardness of their position. [Read more…]