A Defense of a Christian Homophobe

A pastor says that death by stoning should be the punishment for homosexuality. If it’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for him. Wade through the insanity, though, and there are valid points here. [Read more…]

Is Life Absurd Without God? A Reply to WLC’s Influential Article.

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How Do Science and Religion Overlap? NOMA Imagines Not at All.

Stephen Jay Gould proposed the idea of Non-Overlapping Magisteria to calm the warring camps of Science and Religion. Well … it was a nice try. [Read more…]

Isaiah 53: Another Failed Prophecy Claim

Only by selecting individual phrases of Isaiah 53 out of context can we imagine that it is a prophecy of the gospel story. Let’s honestly examine the entire chapter. [Read more…]

Does This Atheist Have a Point? Or Is This a Sycophantic Poe?

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How Well Do the Christian Claims About Easter Hold Up?

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Easter Critique: the Bible Can’t Even Get its Punch Line Straight (Infographic)

The Easter story is the Bible’s punch line. It’s the solution to Mankind’s problem. But is it history or fiction? Untangle the elements of the story to see that the gospels radically disagree with each other. [Read more…]

More John Hagee Hanky Panky

Sleep well—there may not be a tomorrow if John Hagee is right. [Read more…]

Being on the Wrong Side of History on Same-Sex Marriage? Worse than You Think.

Opponents of same-sex marriage say that they’re fighting the good fight. They know they’re right, and they don’t much care how history will judge them. (But they should.) [Read more…]

Does the Church Face a Dietrich Bonhoeffer Moment? Maybe It’s Just a Case of the Vapours.

A Christian blogger makes a poor comparison that backfires. [Read more…]

Christian Cowardice and the Suicide Tactic

Variants of the “Suicide Tactic” are popular within the apologetics community. There’s useful advice there, but see it in action and you’ll detect some cowardice underneath. [Read more…]

8 Tests for Accurate Prophecy and Why Bible Prophecies Fail

What makes a good prophecy? We all have a decent idea and are not taken in by the predictions of psychics. So why not apply that same skepticism to claims of biblical prophecy? [Read more…]