8 Tests for Accurate Prophecy and Why Bible Prophecies Fail

What makes a good prophecy? We all have a decent idea and are not taken in by the predictions of psychics. So why not apply that same skepticism to claims of biblical prophecy? [Read more…]

Two Sizes Too Small: For What Social Errors Will History Condemn Us?

Everyone thinks they know something about the future, but this is a special kind of prediction. We look back on our history and cringe at some of our social errors like slavery. But what errors do we make for which our descendants will criticize us? [Read more…]

I Watched John Hagee’s “Four Blood Moons” So You Don’t Have To

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25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid (Part 8)

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Betting on Biblical Prophecy? Chances Are You’ll Lose.

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Stupid Argument BINGO, Christian Edition

Here’s a handy BINGO card with your favorite stupid Christian arguments. Add a little fun to that next online discussion or Christian blog post! You’ll look forward to that Christian debate, lecture, or even sermon! (And be sure to shout out “BINGO!” when you get five in a row!) [Read more…]

10 Skeptical Principles for Evaluating the Bible (2 of 2)

This is the conclusion of a list of principles for evaluating the Bible. [Read more…]

Clueless John the Baptist

Throughout the gospels we read snippets about John the Baptist. Put them all together, and you have a confused portrait. (It’s almost like the gospels shouldn’t be categorized as history.) [Read more…]

10 Skeptical Principles for Evaluating the Bible

We’ve recently critiqued a Christian approach to rules for evaluating the Bible. Here is my modest proposal for some better ones. [Read more…]

Debunking 10 Popular Christian Principles for Reading the Bible (3 of 3)

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Something Better than “In God We Trust”

There is a nationwide movement to get “In God We Trust” displayed in public buildings. Here’s a better idea. [Read more…]

Where is the Islamic Renaissance?

Contrast the chaos in the Middle East with a couple of historical examples (Japan a century ago and the Islamic Golden Age). Is the Islamic world missing an opportunity? [Read more…]