What Did the Original Books of the Bible Say? (Part 2)

Page from Book of Kells, a Latin illuminated manuscript written in about 800 by Irish monks

What do we do with the contradictory passages in our thousands of copies of New Testament manuscripts? Historians have some inventive approaches to finding the most reliable copies, but there’s plenty of room for error. [Read more...]

Daniel’s End Times Prediction: a Skeptical Approach

Daniel Prophecy 70 Weeks skeptical

Let’s take a skeptical approach to the “prophecy” in Daniel 9. If he wasn’t predicting the death and second coming of Jesus, just what was he saying? [Read more...]

Dismantling the Noah Story

Noah's Ark

The movie didn’t care much about the Bible story, so let’s go to the Bible to see what the Noah story really says. It’s actually two stories. [Read more...]

“Noah” Movie, Based on a True Story

Noah movie poster

The “Noah” movie was more interesting than I expected. I thought it would be a careful retelling of the Bible story. Nope. [Read more...]

Daniel’s End Times Prediction: Take Two

Statue Head

Want to know how the world will end? Daniel tells us. [Read more...]

Chick Tract: The Movie (Review of “God’s Not Dead”)

atheist review God's Not Dead

See the argument for God reduced to caricature. This movie serves as a pat on the head for the simple Christian in need of a boost to their faith, but if you want meaningful apologetics, look elsewhere. [Read more...]

What Did the Original Books of the Bible Say?


Take a trip back in time to see the obstacles we have in seeing the life of Jesus through the Bible. We’ll peel them back one by one—translations, canonicity, reliable copies, and more. [Read more...]

Daniel’s End Times Prediction

Daniel Prophecy 70 Weeks

Daniel chapter 9 has a prophecy that many say predicted the birth of Jesus. Let’s take a look. [Read more...]

Liars for Jesus: Does Daniel Predict the Future?

Daniel Prophecy 70 Weeks

Daniel is given as strong evidence for the accurate prophecy of the Bible. Did Daniel really predict the succession of empires in Mesopotamia? Or did he cheat? [Read more...]

Is Christian Heaven More Real than any Other?


You’re comfortable with the concepts you’ve grown up with, but that doesn’t mean that there must be good evidence for them. Let’s look at a very unusual kind of heaven to see if the Christian concept is any more sensible. [Read more...]

What Good Is Philosophy? (2 of 2)

Philosophy Science

Let’s conclude our critique of philosophy’s role. We start off with philosophy’s positive contributions. [Read more...]

What Good Is Philosophy?

Philosophy Science

It’s time to attack a sacred cow. Philosophy is a popular area for modern Christian apologists, but what good is philosophy, anyway? [Read more...]