In Which I Learn From a Mistake


Seeing our own mistakes makes it easier to sympathize when others are wrong. But how do we encourage someone to get past a big mistake, like a flawed worldview? [Read more...]

“God’s Not Dead” Fans: Be the Christian Hero Yourself

God’s Not Dead Atheism Philosophy

Here’s a Hollywood version of an evil atheist philosophy professor. Want a chance to learn from an actual atheist philosophy professor? [Read more...]

Greece v. Galloway: How This Will Play Out

Town of Greece v. Galloway atheism

The Supremes handed down a surprising decision that permits prayers city council meetings. I think we know how this will work in practice, and I think there’s cause for optimism. [Read more...]

More Pointless Parables

Little Mermaid

Some New Testament parables are pretty good. They make a useful point, and they add to our moral vocabulary. Unfortunately, modern apologetic parables don’t seem to be made to the same standard. [Read more...]

Is This a Powerful New Apologetic Argument?

Jesus apologetics atheist

A Christian blogger has a new argument for Jesus. It gets points for being novel, but take a look to see if it’s convincing. [Read more...]

Happy Birthday, Patheos!

#Patheos5Yrs atheism atheist

Let’s take a look back at some highlights of the Cross Examined blog on today’s Patheos anniversary. [Read more...]

MS-DOS and Objective Truth

C prompt

IBM-compatible MS-DOS PCs used to start up displaying a C-prompt (the “C:>” with a blinking cursor). We don’t conclude anything transcendent from this. Similarly, most humans have an innate sense of morality, but we can’t conclude anything transcendent from this either. [Read more...]

Innovative Responses to the Fine-Tuning Argument

Fine Tuning Christianity

Here are four rebuttals to the fine-tuning argument that don’t get enough attention. [Read more...]

Sean Carroll Slaps Down Fine Tuning Argument

Christianity Fine Tuning

Physicist Sean Carroll gives five responses to the apologist’s argument that the universe was finely tuned. He includes a provocative list of features of reality predicted by theism and naturalism to see which explains reality better. [Read more...]

Carefree Christian Dinghy Hits Immoveable Rock of Reality: Thoughts on the Craig vs. Carroll Debate

Craig Carroll cosmology apologetics debate

Philosopher William Lane Craig debated cosmology with a cosmologist, Sean Carroll. Predictably, Christianity didn’t fare so well. [Read more...]

Shroud of Turin: Easter Miracle or Hoax?

Shroud of Turin, Debunked

What are we to make of the Shroud of Turin? Is it a miracle or a fake? [Read more...]

Failed Prophecy: Psalm 22

Baptism of Jesus

Apologists claim hundreds of prophecies fulfilled by the life of Jesus, and this psalm is one of the most popular. With a little poking, however, the claim that it predicted the crucifixion unravels. [Read more...]