25 Stupid Arguments Christians Should Avoid

“I can’t believe the stupidity of some of my followers”

Christians, do us and Christendom a favor and avoid these arguments. [Read more...]

Church Civil Disobedience: Pulpit Freedom Sunday

Part of a Norwegian manuscript discovered in about 1700.

Nonprofit status comes with strings attached, and one of those is that pastors must not advocate for one candidate over another. This quid pro quo seems oppressive to some, and they have organized civil disobedience against it. [Read more...]

The Ontological Argument: Something From Nothing

alt text

Can Christian apologists really wish God into existence? [Read more...]

The Ridiculous Argument from Accurate Names

Roman ruins at night

The Bible uses names of people and places that archaeology has verified. Some Christians argue that this supports the Bible’s supernatural claims. Let’s see if this popular argument takes Christians where they want to go. [Read more...]

Making Sense of “Survival of the Fittest”

Survival of the Fittest

Creationists seem determined to misunderstand Darwin. Let’s straighten out one term, “survival of the fittest.” [Read more...]

Pygmies, Buffalo, and Christian Hardwiring

Mbuti pygmies with explorer Osa Johnson, 1930

A fascinating example of how one’s environment programs how we see things demands that we ask the same question about Christianity. [Read more...]

Tracking Animals, Tracking God

White Tailed Deer

Tracking animals is hard, but with much practice, a tracker can reliably find wild animals. How does that compare with tracking down God? [Read more...]

Proof, Theory, Law, and all That

Lots of equations

Saying “Evolution is just a theory” is like saying “He only won the Nobel Peace Prize.” In science, a theory is as good as it gets. Evolution deniers in particular often get this wrong. Let’s review “theory,” “law,” and similar components of scientific conclusions to make sure they’re used correctly. [Read more...]

WHAT God? Religion Keeps Not Finding Him.

Religion Tree

There’s a new marvelously complicated tree of world religions that illustrates our evolving interpretations of the divine. What does it mean that these forms of belief are diverging? [Read more...]

The Hypothetical God Fallacy + The Problem of Evil

God not found

Let’s wrap up an analysis of a Christian rejection of the Problem of Evil and label an all-too-common Christian fallacy. [Read more...]

Don’t Like Abortion? Then Support Sex Education.

Sex ed

An excellent infographic makes clear the problems caused by poor sex education. [Read more...]

Where Are the Good Christian Arguments? + The Problem of Evil

Nothing here

Let’s use a Christian response to the Problem of Evil to illustrate a common frustration: finding interesting and challenging Christian apologetic arguments. [Read more...]