Woof Guide to Popular Music: Amos Moses

A little story about a man, a plan, and a swamp full of alligators, in honor of my recent trip to New Orleans for the 20th Tcl/Tk Conference. As Jerry Reed tells us, you can sure get lost in the Lousiana bayou!

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  • http://www.godandthemachine.com/ Thomas L. McDonald

    First week and a post on Jerry Reed? Yeah baby! Welcome!

    • Will Duquette

      Used to be, the only thing I new Jerry Reed for was “Smokey and the Bandit.” But Pandora has enlightened me.

  • http://www.godandthemachine.com/ Thomas L. McDonald

    He wrote a lot of great songs: Guitar Man, US Male, Thing Called love. He also did a legendary session with Elvis http://www.elvis.com.au/presley/jerry_reed_and_elvis_guitar_man_sessions.shtml#sthash.GvKJh992.dpbs