The Nashville Cats meet Noshville Katz!

The Nashville Cats meet Noshville Katz! July 31, 2015

So many years ago the Lovin’ Spoonful recorded a song about guitar pickers in Nashville, as recorded on yellow Sun Records. I happened to hear it yesterday, and thought I’d share it:

I like the song, but the reason I wanted to share it was because of a song I heard first, many years before: “Noshville Katz”, by the Lovin’ Cohens, about a Brooklyn boy who opens a kosher delicatessen in Nashville. (Heard it on the Dr. Demento Show, natch.) It was just as I remembered.

I also found a recording of Homer and Jethro doing their own parody of the song, but since I care for you so much I didn’t include it.

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