The Dogmat saw Miyazaki!

The Dogmat saw Miyazaki! July 30, 2015


Well, not in person.

The Pope and the Animator: John Herreid writes about what Pope Francis and Hayao Miyazaki might have to say to one another, comparing Miyazaki’s vision with the Pope’s as given in Laudato Si’.

The unity of the Spirit: Tom Kreitzburg writes about something that’s apparent by its absence these days, despite St. Paul’s admonition that we should strive to preserve it.

‘We Had No Idea It Was Going to Do That’: See ‘Incredible’ Result of Throwing Ball Over Edge of Dam: You’ve seen this, haven’t you? The Dogmat thought you had, but it’s a slow week.

Former lesbian shares advice on reaching LGBTQ community: The thing about the whole LGBTQ rainbow spectrum is that people on it are people, created by God, in His image, and with the dignity shared by all human beings. Jesus loves them, and died for them along with everyone else. They need to hear the gospel just like everyone else. In this interview, Melinda Selmys talks about what Christianity is like for them.* In short, we need to be Jesus’ hands and feet, and we need to treat others with the love and compassion Jesus showed to the Samaritan woman at the well.

Why Proselytizing Doesn’t Work, in One Photo: Not coincidentally, the Anchoress wrote back at the beginning of July about how not to win friends for Jesus, with special reference to the woman at the well.

* Yes, they need to repent and sin no more—just like you and me.

photo credit: The British Library, Public Domain

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