The Dogmat Saw Lions, Panthers, and Saints, Oh My!

The Dogmat Saw Lions, Panthers, and Saints, Oh My! August 6, 2015


The Dogmat thinks he’ll start with the Panther.

A 78-year-old German man was hiding a full-size tank in his basement: During WWII, the Germans built tanks they called Panzerkampfwagens, which means Armoured War Wagon, or “Panzer” for short. The Mark V Panzer was the “Panther” tank. So the tank in this story is a Panther, and it’s a Panzer, but Panzer is not German for Panther. Alles klar?

‘The Bigger Picture’: Flashcards and an App for Photo Challenges and Inspiration: The Dogmat hasn’t tried these, but he’s curious.

The Surprising Case of Solanus Casey: The Dogmat’s atheist discussion partners ask me why miracles occurred in ancient days, but not now. The Dogmat should point them here. Unmelting ice cream cones, forsooth!

7 Signs You Might Love Comfort More than Jesus: The Dogmat likes this very much, especially “#1: You Are a Referee, Not a Player”. The Dogmat is going to try to remember to be a player.

Not Hired Cabs: Brandon points out that logical propositions are not hired cabs—when you affirm one, you also affirm everything that follows from it whether you like it or not.

5 Things Christians Shouldn’t Say to Atheists: Courtesy of Sr. Theresa Aletheia. The Dogmat doesn’t think he’s guilty of any of these mistakes.

In Zimbabwe, We Don’t Cry for Lions: Meanwhile, the band plays on and the population gets played along with it.

photo credit: The British Library, Public Domain

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