This was posted to my old blog in February of 2003.

I was reciting limericks to my boy David after dinner tonight, and I told him one I’d made up when I was in college:

A young man both hungry and odd
Decided to dine upon sod.
  To do this he dared,
  But was quite unprepared
For the weeds that grew out of his bod.

After that I ran out, and of course he wanted more. So I had to make up
a new one, and here it is:

A famous explorer named Dave
Was lost in an uncharted cave.
  They found him at last
  When a decade had passed,

But there wasn’t enough left to save.

If you’ve got a favorite (clean) limerick, or better yet one you’ve written yourself, add it in the comments.

A decade later, I’m glad to say that Dave is perfectly well. — Ed.

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