Woof Guide to Popular Music: Gopher Tuna

For all Carmina Burana fans, I present the misheard lyrics to O Fortuna.

Yeah, if you’re a Carmina Burana fan you’ve already seen it…but you want to watch it again, you know you do.

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  • David_Naas

    No, I hadn’t seen this before. (And, now, I am busy changing underwear because…)
    Considering the provenance of the “lyrics”, I do suppose that those bawdy monks would appreciate what we’ve done to their little entertainment.
    Sister Mary Clarence would love this.
    If HMC can survive Rabelais, Chester-Belloc, the Borgia popes and EWTN, why not gopher tuna?
    (Got any more?)

    • Will Duquette

      Not like this one. I’m surprised you hadn’t seen it before; it comes around every so often.