Woof Guide to Popular Music: The White Collar Holler

And it’s oh boys, can’t you code it?
Huh! Program it right!
Nothing every happens in this life of mine,
I’m hauling up the data on the Xerox line.

Considering that I’m a software engineer, and spend most of my days coding and trying to program it right, I was floored to realize that Stan Rogers wrote this energetic rant in the 1970’s. Rogers is best known for sea shanties and the like, but I guess he must have had a day job punching IBM cards and doing data analysis at one time.

Be sure and give this one a listen; it’s an awful lot of fun, and Rogers has a wonderfully rich voice.

YouTube Preview Image

For extra credit, you can listen to the Woodbridge Dog Disaster, a mock-tragic tale of a garbage collector, a Doberman Pinscher, and language and class distinctions, all sung in the style of some tale of maritime disasters:

YouTube Preview Image
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