Watchman for Daybreak Watch

The latest S’Mary’s World news is that work on Watchman for Daybreak is proceeding. As I type this, I’ve got about 2,500 words written and a couple of scenes blocked out in my head. As I never talk about stories while they are in progress, though, I haven’t much to say about it.

I don’t want to disappoint anyone, though, so why don’t you go read Neil Gaiman on the importance of libraries and imagination?

Oh, and if you’re desperate for fiction you can give “Island of the Panzer-Schnauzers” a try. My spies tell me that only four people have downloaded a copy (and one of them was me) so I know that there’s a great untapped need for schnauzer-ness out there.

Really, don’t you need some schnauzer in your life?

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Watchman for Daybreak Watch
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Watchman for Daybreak Watch
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