Still Alive! (Except the ones who are dead)

So Joseph Susanka listened to The Wishing Wife last week, and liked it; and then paid attention to the lyrics, and still liked it; and then wishing to prove to me that it’s just the sort of thing he does like, shared that he’d purchased the theme from the video game Portal. If you’ve not played Portal, the premise is that an amoral but driven computer named GlaDOS puts you through horribly dangerous “tests” in the name of Science! Eventually you destroy GlaDOS and escape; and as the credits play, she sings this delightful tune:

However, he didn’t point out the equally delightful tune from Portal II, where, having beaten GlaDOS for the second time, she washes her manipulators of you and sings about how glad that she is that you’re gone:

And then, just to one up Joseph a little, here’s “Want You Gone” performed by orchestra.

(Two very good games, by the way. Highly recommended.)

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