Adventures in Clojure: The World is Mine!


So I'm, in a rather desultory fashion, putting together a simple text adventure in the Clojure programming language. (You can find the code at GitHub, should you be interested.)The first thing you need in a text adventure game is a world to move around in. The world usually consists of a collection of rooms. Each room can have any number of links to other rooms; each link is in a particular direction. Directions include the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, and west) and … [Read more...]

Bertie Wooster Sings the Blues!

Pandora has a way of surprising me...but I was astonished when a blues track called "Six Cold Feet" came streaming by.  It was good, and the singer was one I wasn't familiar with.  I glanced at the Pandora widget on my desktop, and discovered that the singer was...Hugh Laurie.Yup.  Bertie Wooster sings the blues.  Dr. House is in the house. And it turns out he's recorded a couple of albums of material. I'm downloading Let Them Talk as I type; I might have more to share in future. … [Read more...]

Words I Wish I’d Written: The Meds Don’t Need Adjusting

I stretched my legs and studied the intricate architecture of the building. It was a remarkably depressing structure considering how much good the Nelsons were trying to accomplish. The building was hideously dark. The walls were thick blocky stone, with carved designs on the edges, and the look was completed by the pair of massive stone gargoyles that sat on the building's roof. "Maybe it's the setting? This place looks more like a haunted castle than an institution dedicated to helping … [Read more...]

The Mystery of Obedience: The Presentation of the Lord

My latest at Mary and Joseph had no idea, as they gathered their things and took up their infant son for the long walk to Jerusalem, that they were going to be an answer to prayer, and would be the redeemers of God’s promise to Simeon. But they went in obedience, and in His providence God used their obedience in ways they would never have imagined. … [Read more...]

Review: Monster Hunter International, by Larry Correia

Monster Hunter International

I'm coming to late to reviewing this one; I first Larry Correia's Monster Hunter International a couple of years ago, and then again later, and then again this past week. Gosh, it's a lot of fun. Occasionally horrific; frequently violent; and not at all to be take seriously.We begin with accountant Owen Z. Pitt, who has arrived at work for a date with destiny...or, at least, with his evil pointy-haired-boss, who acquired an all-over case of hirsutism during a recent vacation in the north … [Read more...]

Why Marriage is Controversial

Thoughts about Marriage

I first posted this on my old blog, a couple of years ago. I'm reviving it for this week's Summer Symposium on the Family, in preparation for the Bishop's Synod on the Family this October.The following chart shows why discussing marriage with others who do not share your presuppositions is fraught with peril.I suspect that most people’s notions of marriage form a subset of the items on the chart. Trouble is, for two different people the overlap can exclude what one or the other f … [Read more...]

Lumen Fidei: It Ain’t A Game of Telephone


In last week's selection from Lumen Fidei, Pope Francis talked about how faith spreads from one person to another, as light spreads from one candle to another at the Easter Vigil mass. In paragraphs 38 and 39, he talks about this light spreads through time, from generation to generation:The transmission of the faith not only brings light to men and women in every place; it travels through time, passing from one generation to another. Because faith is born of an encounter which takes place … [Read more...]

Just So Stories

Elephant's Trunk

This was first posted in April of 2005. And it's all true.I've reviewed Kipling's Just So Stories before, back in 2001 when I was reading them to David. After that they got put on the shelf, not to be taken down again until we were reading Prince Caspian. There were several evenings when David wasn't available at story-time, and on those evenings I needed something different. I scanned the shelves, and Aha! This book fell right into my hand.There are many stories I remember my … [Read more...]

Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit

Fridays are usually for music; but my nephew showed me this delightful bit of British nonsense the other day, and it's too good to keep to myself. Meet the crime fighting duo of the Angel Summoner and the BMX Bandit! … [Read more...]