Why I Like St. Dominic

St. Dominic

My latest post at CatholicMom.com, which I keep forgetting to link to: Why I like St. Dominic. … [Read more...]

Writing Tools: Hardware

I've been blogging for over ten years, but I've been doing it much more intentionally over the last several weeks. On my old blog, I'd write a post whenever it occurred to me do so and I happened to have the time. In the early days, that was often once a day; in later years, it was twice a week at most, and sometimes nothing for several weeks or months. But this is a new start, and I've made a commitment to myself to have at least one post up every day. That means doing a lot more writing, and … [Read more...]

Four Things We Think We Know About ObamaCare

I found this post by Megan McArdle to be delightfully informative and non-snarky. I now know four things about ObamaCare I didn't before. … [Read more...]

As Catholic as the Pope

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Some while back I told one of my sisters in the Dominican Laity that I wanted to be "as Catholic as the Pope: no more and no less." And she, getting entirely the wrong idea, lauded me for having such a worthy goal. She thought I meant to be as devoted, as loving, and as holy as the Pope. And that is a worthy goal (assuming that the pope is indeed devoted, loving, and holy, which has not always been the case), and in line with the Church's universal call to holiness, but that's not what I … [Read more...]

Bootstrapping the Interior Life: Hunger

I do not often resemble the following scriptures:Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied. — Matt 5:6O God, thou art my God, I seek thee, my soul thirsts for thee; my flesh faints for thee, as in a dry and weary land where no water is. — Ps 63:1And this is a problem for the interior life, because the interior life is a life of learning to love God more than anything else, to put God before all else. And since we cannot really ach … [Read more...]

Politeness in All Things

A slice of life from when my sons were eleven years younger than they are now.We are raising very polite children, apparently. Yesterday David and James were playing with David's Star Wars Lego toys, and in between such comments as "We are evil!" (said in a low, gutteral voice), "I put the girl in the dungeon with the ogre." and "Where is the girl?" "The girl is in the box." were occasional statements like, "Thank you, Darth Vader," and "That was very nice of you, Darth Vader," (invariably … [Read more...]

One Tomato at a Time

My energy level at work can be up, normal, or down. When it's up, things are beautiful. My mind is bubbling over with ideas, I'm enthusiastic about what I'm working on, every little thing I do leads on the next thing in an organic way, and I can work more or less at full speed all day long. There's so much to do, and so little time, and I fill it up seemingly without any effort at all. Those are the really good days. On a normal day things are more relaxed. I know what I'm working on, I … [Read more...]

Woof Guide to Popular Music: Johnny Tarr

Here's an uplifting (?) ballad of a man with a powerful thirst.I've been listening to a lot of Irish traditional music on Pandora recently, and among the groups I've discovered is a little band named Gaelic Storm. (If you've seen the movie Titanic, I gather Gaelic Storm is the band playing to the passengers in steerage.) They aren't a purely traditional band; they record their own songs as well, and they have a way of adding their own choruses in a more contemporary style to … [Read more...]

Dresden Files: Changes

Harry Dresden has a problem…and if I told you what it was, you'd have to kill me.Having revisited the first eleven novels in Jim Butcher's Dresden Files, I grabbed the twelfth, Changes, eager to see if that last chapter was as disturbing as I'd been warned.Now, here's the problem. I want to tell you all about this book. I want to explain what's going on. There are many details to linger over. But I don't do spoilers. And in a long-running series like this, with long-running s … [Read more...]