Unspeakable Things

My heart is heavy and my prayers go out to those touched by the horrific events of today.

Earlier today, I posted a bibliography of sources related to “perspectives on evil and suffering.” Then I learned about the tragedy in Connecticut. As one headline accurately read, “there are no words.” These are unspeakable things. The horror of horrors. What David Bentley Hart calls the “inexplicable remainder.”

While there are, after thousands of years of trying, no ultimately satisfactory, cut and dry, answers to the “problem of evil,” Christians believe our greatest resource for evil lies in the story of the Nazarene: in the cross and the resurrection.

Among the many things Jesus showed us about God, is this: When we suffer, Jesus weeps. And so God weeps. I believe with my whole heart that God is weeping for the people of Connecticut. For those children. For their parents and loved ones. That’s about all we can say.


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