The Bible Tells Me So

Today’s guest post comes from Christian Kohs, one of an excellent class of students from Bethel Seminary who recently studied the intersection between theology and science. If science is right, what does that do to my view of creation in light of my faith?  Today a debate rages about the question of origins and where creation and humanity [Read More...]

Telling the Genetic Truth Could Get You Killed

My second year in seminary, classes were arranged such that I returned to my apartment for lunch daily and watched TV while I was eating. Because I was busy, television was analogue, and cable was expensive, my choices were (1) news, (2) talk, (3) screaming therapy or (4) soap opera. Seminary amounted to the same [Read More...]

Gendercide isn’t a ‘Women’s Issue’ (it’s a Theological One)

Untold millions of women and girls around the globe are victims of physical and sexual violence. In the U.S. alone, over one million women suffer a physical assault by a partner. 25% of American women have been or will be victims of sexual assault. In many countries, structural and systemic violence against women results in [Read More...]


Today’s guest post comes from Don Sullivan, one of an excellent class of students from Bethel Seminary who recently studied the intersection between theology and science. A significant part of the last nine weeks of my academic life has been about the intersection of science, (primarily evolution) and theology. Up to this point, and I assume for the [Read More...]

Pluto Reduced to a Plutoid Object

In 1930 the ninth planet was discovered. A month later it was officially christened Pluto for the Roman god of the underworld, a name suggested by an 11-year-old girl. School children added Platte to My Very Elderly Mother Just Sped Up North to help them memorize the planets in order. Fifty years later, another astronomer [Read More...]

Divine Intervention vs Divine Involvement

Today’s guest post comes from AnnMarie Vennerstrom, one of an excellent class of students from Bethel Seminary who recently studied the intersection between theology and science. Often times in our Christian circles we talk about God’s interaction with the world. Sometimes we’ll talk about it in terms of the little things, like how we feel him working in [Read More...]

Why Churches Still Need Seminaries: A Complicated Case Study

Recently Tony Jones suggested that seminaries are “training people to repair phone booths.” Sadly, he has a point. Seminaries are struggling to find new students–and even to keep the ones they already have–because they are becoming increasingly disconnected from the realities of our complicated world. In the Integrative Seminar I’ve been teaching this semester, we’ve [Read More...]

Cannibalism, Sandwiches, and the Secret of Eternal Life

From the creepy world of science-not-fiction, cannibalism made its way into The New York Times this week. Carl Zimmer reported that parabiosis experiments from the ‘50s have been revived. An old mouse’s flank was sliced open and sutured to a young mouse, binding the pair like conjoined twins. As they healed, their arteries and veins [Read More...]

Everyday Prayers

The Bible tells us to pray without ceasing, to take everything to the Lord, not only the dire hardships and trouble. And so for those more ordinary days, I offer seven short prayers borrowed and revised this morning from friends who wrote a little book of uncommon prayers—prayers of transfiguration for those moments when you probably [Read More...]

Don’t Trust Anyone Be My Friend

Captain’s orders. What’s in the Bag Captain America has a problem. Nick Fury, his boss, doesn’t trust him enough to reveal the full mission to the Captain ahead of time. By way of explaining himself, Fury tells the Captain a parable about Fury’s grandfather, an elevator operator, who walked home every night with his tips [Read More...]