Jan. 23: Sharing God’s Love with a Bike Ride

A new bike is a dream come true for many children.  However, for Francessca Robertson, a four-year-old quadriplegic with cerebral palsy, a bicycle seemed like an impossible dream.  Connie and Gordon Hankins, however, make impossible dreams come true.  They modify standard tricycles with special  handlebars,  pedals, and axles for children with special needs.  All this is done for a fraction of the cost of other adapted tricycles, although the Hankins invest a lot of personal time on the project.

“The driving force is our faith because we want to pass God’s love on to those that need it,” Connie Hankins says.  “You see these children and the joy it brings them.  That is our blessing.”

Francessca is not likely to forget that blessing as she pedals her new red and white bike (with pink streamers and rhinestone bell) around her suburban Chicago neighborhood as fast as her older brothers, just like the other kids.

What can you do to help others using skills or materials you already have?

There was not a needy person among them; distribution was made to each as any had need. (Acts 4:34-35)

Open my eyes, Jesus, to how I could be helping others.

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