Feb. 2: Gifted Teacher Inspires Many

When Jacksonville Beach, Florida teacher Mike Tetlow died unexpectedly, First Coast News writer Erin Hawley shared his story along with the tributes sent in to honor him.

On his honeymoon 18 years ago, a car accident left Tetlow paralyzed.  Using a power-driven wheelchair, he returned to teaching at St. Paul’s Catholic School where students and faculty admired him for being passionate, demanding, and encouraging, while never dwelling on his disability.  His assistant principal, Krissy Thompson, added that he showed youngsters they could do just about anything if they put enough thought and effort into it.

One of his students, Katie, further asserted that Tetlow was “an example of strength and humility…He depended on a few student volunteers to help him during lunch every day—setting out his pills and meal for him.  He had a way about him that put me, and other students who did this for him, at ease.”

Another one of his pupils, Brooke, concluded, “He was a teacher, father, husband, Christ-believer, comedian, and a fighter.” May we all be motivated by Mike Tetlow’s example.

Therefore be imitators of God.  (Ephesians 5:1)

Move us, Holy Spirit, to inspire others by example.

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