Mar. 2: Love to the Rescue

“All I want is for her to live, I don’t care if she is injured or not,” Lieutenant Onur Eryasar of the Turkish Air Force told a Reuters news photographer.  He was speaking of his 25-year-old fiancé, who was trapped under rubble following an earthquake in Turkey.  “It doesn’t matter, I just want her alive.”

Upon learning of the quake, the lieutenant rushed from his military base to the scene of devastation.  He determined from friends that his fiancé had been there having lunch in a restaurant.  Lieutenant Eryasar located the place in the dark and shouted her name.  “Hearing the voices of other people trapped in the collapsed building, he persuaded one of the rescue teams to begin digging,” Reuters News Service reported.

After 18 hours pinned under bricks and debris, the young woman and two colleagues were rescued alive and conscious.  Thanks to Eryasar’s love-fueled persistence, a young life was saved.

Where there is love, miracles can happen.

Love…believes all things…endures all things.  Love

never ends.  (1 Corinthians 13; 7, 8)

Inspire us, Holy Spirit, to love one another.


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