Apr. 10: Wake Up, Generation

Twenty-one-year-old singer/songwriter Paige Omartian knows that life is precious because she almost lost hers to bone cancer at age 11.  She gets frustrated when she sees young people wasting their lives, as if they have no God-given purpose.

Now healthy and married, Omartian has written a book, Wake Up, Generation, to share her story.  In it, she recalls visiting the hospital for a checkup and seeing “patients attached to tubes and IV poles…with scared, half-conscious faces, wondering what was happening to them.  I couldn’t help but ask this: Why do we have to walk through the valley of the shadow of death before we realize our lives are so precious?”

Omartian concludes, “As young people, we have a tendency to think that we’re not only invincible, but have all the time in the world…We need to open our eyes…We’ve been sleepwalking in apathy,  passive in our motivations, blinded to the incredible adventure that God wants to breathe into our lives…Wake up!…Leave your old ways behind.  Christ will guide you…You don’t have a second to waste.”

Wake up.  (Revelation 3:2)

Teach me to appreciate and use my gift of life, Jesus.

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