Apr. 13: He Never Gave Up

Thomas A. Edison had strong reasons to throw his hands up in despair.  As a child, he was sent home from school after three months because his teachers felt he was “to addled” to learn.

Edison also lost his hearing at the age of 12.  The love and encouragement of his mother, coupled with his own thirst for knowledge and willingness to work hard, kept him going.

The result?  At age 21, Edison invented the stock ticker.  At 23, he developed an automatic telegraph that sent 1,000 words a minute.  At 37, he was a millionaire.  But discovery, not money, was his goal.  So Thomas Edison kept at it, eventually inventing the phonograph, the electric light, and the motion picture camera.

When discouragement beckons—at home, on the job, or anywhere else—think of the example of men and women who refused to quit.  If you resolve to do your part, you can confidently leave the results in the hands of a loving God.

Be strong and of good courage.  Fear not; be not dismayed.  (1 Chronicles 22:13) 

Jesus, You never gave up on Your mission.  May we reflect the same perseverance in our lives.

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