Apr. 20: More Than Knowledge

One day when Thomas Aquinas was preaching to the local populace in Italy, the future saint saw an old woman listening attentively to his every word.

Inspired by her eagerness to learn more about the God she loved so dearly, he said to the people, “It is better to be this unlearned woman, loving God with all her heart, than the most learned theologian lacking love.”

A great theologian himself, Aquinas knew that our main avenue of approach to God is love.  Though he never belittled knowledge of God—indeed, he wrote volumes of books monumental in their deep knowledge of the things of God—he insisted on this cardinal point: if we do not love God and our neighbors, and work to increase that love, it matters little how much we know about Him.

Those who love God must love their brothers and sisters also.  (1 John 5:21)

Jesus, help me to grow in love of You and my neighbor.

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