May 13: It’s Good to Be the King

At Urbana High School in Frederick County, Maryland, a popularity contest was won by a most deserving student.

Kevin Schombert is a sports enthusiast, a manager of the high school’s basketball team, and a beloved part of the school community.  He also has Down syndrome.  What better way to honor his spirit and dedication, thought senior Caitie Cyr, than by nominating Schombert for Homecoming King?

Cyr created a Facebook page to generate support for her idea.  She wrote, “Kevin lives, breathes and bleeds Urbana Hawk Blue.  Plus he has a contagious smile.  Let our legacy be more than championships, let’s do something that will make us all feel good. NOMINATE KEVIN SCHOMBERT HOMECOMING KING 2011!!!”

When Schombert’s name was announced at the school’s basketball game, the entire home side of the stadium cheered and chanted while the school spirit team began a cheer in his honor.

Celebrate the good people in your community!

I praise thee, for thou art fearful and wonderful.

Wonderful are thy works!  (Psalm 139:14)

O God, all are made in Your image.  In our humanity, we

find and truly see our commonality with You.

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