June 10: A $500 Tip Goes a Long Way

“Leave an awesome tip (and I don’t mean 25 percent.  I mean $500 on a…pizza).”

Thus read the last part of 30-year-old Aaron Collins’ will, as it was written on his computer.  Collins’ brother, Seth, discovered the document after Aaron passed away unexpectedly.

Determined to fulfill his brother’s dying wish, Seth created a website in Aaron’s name to raise money.  He collected enough to present $500 to Chelsea Powell, a surprised and appreciative waitress at Bella Notte restaurant in his hometown of Lexington, Kentucky.  The YouTube video of the presentation of the tip drew over two million views, and has helped raise over $47,000.

“When I was daydreaming I thought (if we could collect) $1,500, we’ll do it three times,” Seth told the Associated Press.  To date, he has enough money to give lucky servers $500 tips once a week for two years.  He hopes to extend his brother’s act of charity for many years to come.

Let us love…in truth and action.  (1 John 3:18)

Abba, may we express the goodness of Your principles

through both our words and deeds.

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