June 28: The Parent of All Virtues

Catholic News Service columnist Therese J. Borchard cites Cicero as stating that, of all of life’s virtues, gratitude is “not only the greatest…but the parent of all the others.”

As diligently as gardeners tend to the plants that sprout in their backyards, so should we work to sow the seeds of gratitude implanted within our souls.  Borchard suggests several surefire ways to cultivate gratitude:

▪ Change your language. Words of thankfulness are the best antidotes to fear and resentment.

▪ Get a gratitude partner. Having someone around who’s more likely to see the cup as half full than half empty will help your own perspective.

▪ Remember. Never forget the kindnesses you have been shown, for good things have ways of coming back to you.

▪ Keep a gratitude journal. Psychological studies show gratitude can have lasting health benefits, so writing down what you’re grateful for can keep everything fresh in your mind.

▪ Give back.  Perform acts of kindness for other people.

God loves a cheerful giver.  (2 Corinthians 9:7)

God, imbue us with spirits of thankfulness.

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