June 5: Say Yes to the Dress

Knitting their own wedding dress isn’t an option many women would consider, but Lydia Tayler from Huddersfield, England, made a successful go of it.  Both she and the groom-to-be, Ash Pears, wanted to hold a wedding for less than the average 20,000 British pounds it costs in modern-day England.  They would much rather invest the money in a house that could hold them and the kids they wanted to have.

A knitter since age six, Tayler spent four months making the dress which consisted of 300 grams of yarn and 100,000 stitches.  She told The Daily Mail newspaper, “Everyone just loved my dress.  It was lovely to wear—not only nice and warm but as light as lace because I used very fine yarn.”

Coupled with other saving measures, Tayler’s and Pears’ wedding cost only 5,000 pounds, leaving them ready to buy a new home.  The now Mrs. Pears says, “If someone else was considering knitting their own dress, I’d tell them to go for it.”

Sometimes doing things simply really is the best option.

I, wisdom, live with prudence, and I attain knowledge

and discretion.  (Proverbs 8:12)

Lord, help me to spend my money wisely.

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